This was always a question that I had and if I’m being honest, I had the wrong answer for way too long, “No.” As someone who had oily skin and oily hair, I was afraid that the increase in oil would make the problems worse so I steered away from any products with the scary “O” word. Then a few years ago I decided to give it a try. Maybe I was bored from our COVID shutdown and reading lots and lots of product information (haha) but something made me give it a go. I’m so excited to share with you why I can now say that I love oils and what all they can do for your body and hair!

First let’s talk about your hair, my go to hair oil is the Kerastase Elixir Ultime. It’s their iconic nourishing hair oil for all hair types and is infused with a blend of argan hair oil, camellia oil and marula hair oil. I work three pumps into my hair after the shower before detangling, let it sit for a minute or two and then it works like magic to make my detangling comb slide right through my hair. It also helps to smooth my hair, fights frizz and is a heat protectant. Did I mention how good it smells? Ah-mazing!!!! As an added treat, I include it in my Sunday night treatment routine by adding a few drops into my weekly masque hair treatment. Any extra is great to rub on elbows and knees.

Okay so now you know all about my favorite hair oil, let’s talk about oil for the body. For years I always used lotions and honestly, I struggled to find one that would keep my skin moisturized but was reluctant to use a body oil because I didn’t want my skin to look wet. Wow was I missing out! The Farmhouse Fresh oils are the mega moisturizers! Specifically, I look to the Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil. It does so much – with it’s special blend of extracts, it is tested and proven to reduce the rate of your skin’s water loss (did you know that’s one of the culprits of aging?) This oil keeps my skin hydrated all day!

I’m not the only one at Indigo that loves an oil, esthetician Miranda wanted to share her favorite use of oils and she recommends starting your facial cleanse with an oil followed by your favorite cleanser to get an even deeper cleanse for your skin. Stylist Kasi says, “Hands down agave nectar oil is my favorite! Remove makeup, use on hair, skin, nails. SMELLS AMAZING!!”

I can honestly say that these two oils have transformed my beauty routine and have confirmed that oil is for me!